Hmm … I always get stuck on what to write about myself. I guess the important stuff’s already on the home page, so I think the only reason this page is here is because it was here before, and so it shall stay. Hmm …

I like to read. I read fairly slowly because of these weird pinhole glasses I bought in Singapore. They’re supposed to train your short- or long-sighted eyes to see better, and I’ve had some decent results. I read whatever I find interesting, but I do have a thing for historical fiction, fiction with a Japanese theme, or strange fiction (my favourite author is Murakami Haruki.)

I have two second degree black belts, one in WTF Taekwondo and one in ITF Taekwondo. Afterwards, I switched to Shaolin Chowka Kung Fu for a couple of years, though regrettably stopped due to lack of premises to train on. I’ve also studied Yang-style Tai Chi, and some Iaido. I currently play table tennis with some friends as exercise :)

I like to cook food that isn’t always all that good for me. Creamy potato mash is just too awesome. My current fascination is experimenting with sous vide: cooking vacuum-packed food at a low, (supposed to be but isn’t without a proper machine) constant temperature to get juicier, more tender food.


For any employment enquiries please contact me.


To Firefox, for releasing a brilliant browser with amazing extensions (such as the web developer tool); the W3C, for detailing to Internet Explorer how CSS should be rendered (properly); my friend Heydon for lending me hosting space and helping me through all this system admin stuff; and anyone who’s said something nice about what I’ve done and meant it.

Bits and bobs

Well, I did eventually get around to reskinning Wordpress, and as you may be able to tell from my blog, I have finished and it is live!

I don’t think I have a next major step anymore. Although, if I was trying to find things to do to update this site, it would probably be … attempt a total redesign. Yes. My design is beginning to bore me. If I can be bothered, I’ll wager that’s where it’s at.