Welcome to Ming Teo’s site

Hallo. My name is Ming Teo and I develop websites for a living. Right now, I’m working for RWWA, which is in Perth, Western Australia. I am a Web Developer there. If you peek under the hood of this site, you can see cool things that only geeks may appreciate.

My speciality is in creating accessible and usable websites, separating information from presentation, and delving into the theories of web semantics.

When I’m not doing these web developery things, I spend a lot of time doing more of the arts: I like to cook, try to take cool photographs, read (and write my own brand of oddball fiction, when I don’t have writer’s block.)

I don’t know what to write here, so I’m just writing for the fun of it.

Bits and bobs

I write code to XHTML 1.1 standards, parsed out as application/xhtml+xml, not as tag soup. I use CSS to take over the presentational aspects of a site, leaving the XHTML squeaky clean and all about the structure of the data.

I also know what WCAG means! I write to Guidelines 2.0, level AA.